How to decide if fruit is being sensualized?!

1) Does the image show only part(s) of a fruit?
2) Does the image present a fruit as a stand-in for an object?
3) Does the image show a fruit as interchangeable?
4) Does the image affirm the idea of violating the bodily integrity of a fruit that can’t consent?
5) Does the image suggest that sensual availability is the defining characteristic of the fruit?
6) Does the image show a fruit as a commodity (something that can be bought and sold)?
7) Does the image treat a fruits body as a canvas?

– naar de Seks Object Test


“Occurrences of this dismemberment was especially so in depictions of the femme fatale, whose dangerous sexual powers artists felt the need to reign in somehow to make her more palatable to Victorian audiences. Besides the already disarming qualities of a mythological title or the choice of painting the femme fatale safely asleep, viewers could further distance their thoughts about her potential destructiveness or rampant, perverse sexuality by talking about and admiring elements of the art (form, color, line, composition). The viewer, though indeed seeing all of the female body, need only see the shapes of lines and light which represented breasts or the hips and could probably supply the rest of the image from a vocabulary of artistic conventions”

– uit The Femme Fatale as Object door Elizabeth Lee.